Multilingual writers in the Mexican sociocultural context: Towards improved pedagogical practices in the U.S.

Virginia LoCastro


This contribution reviews two ethnographic-like studies carried out at a central Mexican university between 2000 and 2004 to learn about the background, academic writing skills, and literacy practices of multilingual student writers. The purpose has been to draw from those studies to highlight knowledge about this population that can be helpful to teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders in the educational system, specifically the secondary and tertiary levels, in the United States. From the findings of those studies and my own professional background and experience internationally with a variety of multilingual learners, I propose recommendations for consideration by colleagues engaged in teaching Latina/o students in the U.S. The topic is vast and immensely important. If this population of learners is to overcome the multiple hurdles to enter college, graduate, and go on to professional careers, much more is required of an educational system already under duress.


Latina/o students; secondary/tertiary institutions

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